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I was born into a family with many artists and creators, so the arts have always been a natural part of everyday life. Even my father, a gynecologist, spent the evening hours at his microscope, after which he drew in little books. He always said: "You don't have to be an artist, you can always paint." So I decided to make everyday life beautiful and gave my interest to the decorative arts, to everyday things. This resulted in studying communication design. This path felt safe and predictable. And the aspect of doing something applied, practical, helping corresponded to my values ​​and my nature at the time. But I always knew that I am actually an artist. And gradually the feeling of doing something practical turned into insignificance. After several strokes of fate and changes, I carefully began to take the right path and began to paint. ​



What drives me is the eternal question of visible and invisible life and my fascination with the micro and macrocosm. I saw this visualized through my father's cytological smears and the star systems - the great contrast and sameness therein. How limited are people in their imagination? What paradigms exist in belief and mythology, science, spirituality and poetry? Each cell a macrocosm, the infinite life of the stars.



I currently work primarily with watercolors and ink on watercolor paper. The paint is applied to the paper and flows to the designated spot until completely dry. Invisible forces move the color only through my impulse - a possibility that the incomprehensible, the coincidence, the divine has its finger in the pie. I paint intuitively and see my pictures as a visualization of the incomprehensible by acting like a messenger. All of my paintings are energetically charged.

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